I am so excited to have started this blog/podcast!  I want you to have a great time listening to the interviews that I post as well as enjoying the quotes and photos.  I was intrigued by the one above and thought you would like it too!

If you want to contact me that’s easy just email me at Misshoward31@hotmail.com

I encourage you to give detailed comments on the posts as this will help me to plan my interviews.  I am starting off slowly but things will pick up as I go along.  At this writing I am still working full time.  Eventually I will be able to devote much more time to my blog.

Most importantly I want to provide teachers as well as others interested in education with information as well as inspiration and enlightenment. There is so much I want to talk with you about!

Read my About page to get more on my background.

If you know an outstanding educator that you would like for me to interview just email me and we can make it happen!