This Blog is dedicated to teachers. I have been teaching for a while now and decided to use this as a forum for communicating and learning. I teach first grade presently and have taught each of the elementary grades pre-k through 6 at different points along the way. I learned a lot about children doing this.

No matter the grade level, becoming a great teacher requires good communication.  If the key to teaching well is to communicate concisely with intent, we need to talk to each other and engage in deep meaningful conversations about the spirit of our craft regularly.

How do I know this is true?

I am in a family of educators.  My 2 sisters are both in education and so are other relatives. I have one sister who teaches fourth grade and one who is a counselor in an elementary school. Her free psychotherapy has been a gift!   Over the years we have had many, many conversations about education and educational systems.  It intersects all three of our lives such that we have become an emotional sounding board each for the other, on the spot researchers, and general urgent care pedagogy nurses.

Always, Always we have been and are a team.

Have you ever felt like you needed to branch out in order to grow?  That’s where I am right now.  Certain growth only takes place when you take on the challenge of giving to others. I carefully choose my interviewees with you the listener in mind.  That’s why the first interview is with Ms. Lauretta Williams. She is a wealth of understanding and makes  me think about my teaching by making me think about me.  She is the type of leader who “really gets” teachers.  I appreciated that and you probably will too.

Listen to her when she says, “A great teacher is a great person.”

Don’t you just love the way she slaps you up side your head confronting you with the naked truth?  I pray that everyone gets to experience an educational leader as forthright as she.  It may sting a little but you will emerge a better teacher.

I cannot tell you how much that interview meant to me. Make sure you listen to this podcast today if you have not already. There will be more.

Until then enjoy and email me at misshoward31@hotmail.com







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