An Interview with Ms. Lauretta Williams


What does it take to be a Great Teacher?

According to Parker Palmer author of “The Courage to Teach: Exploring the Inner Landscape of a Teacher’s Life.”

“Good teachers weave the fabric that joins them with students and subjects, the heart is the loom on which the threads are tied, the tension is held, the shuttle flies, and the fabric is held tight.  Small wonder, then that teaching tugs at the heart – and the more one loves teaching, the more heartbreaking it can be.  The courage to teach is the courage to keep ones heart open in those very moments when the heart is asked to hold more than it is able so that teacher and students and subject can be woven into the fabric of community that learning, and living require.”

Listen as Ms. Williams teacher, instructional specialist, principal and Outstanding Educator of the Year in the State of Maryland in 1992 shares her thoughts on teaching, learning and what it takes to be a great teacher.


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